Beyond Trauma

A lot of people still sitting in pain think it's absolutely impossible that I got up from mine.

They will lash out at new ideas, they will lash out at what could change their stories and identities.

People with childhood trauma and abuse cannot imagine being free from those wounds, we have been told it's a burden we have to carry forever, that not being properly loved by our parents or loved at all hurts so deeply that nothing could ever repair it.

This belief system is the equivalent of throwing an entire person in the trash and leaving them there to rot.

I am here saying that not being loved by my mother doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt ever, because I painstakingly sorted through that wound. I did not have a magic wand that made it all go away, I didn't even have an example of how to do this, how to travel through my pain for the last time. How to open that door of trauma I had held closed so desperately. I did it anyway.

It took a long time, I cried a lot. It was hard, impossible even, some days. But I chose to deeply heal. My childhood trauma does not define who I am, I get to define who I am. I am my own mother, I supply what she did not, I parent myself and my children, we are all seen heard and understood, because through my healing, I have navigated how. My inner child is no longer screaming, she sleeps, she laughs, she plays. She is present and joyful. So I can focus deeply on my own children's needs.

I could choose to see all the ways my mom failed me, abandoned me or I could see how

The person my mom was, was not someone I would even enjoy knowing or hanging out with or allowing near my children. Let alone trying to seek approval from or make proud. This belief is where my quote "I don't take advice from miserable people." Comes from, I don't care if you birthed me, if you are spreading your misery and pain onto people, I don't need your opinion.

I deeply began caring for myself, getting to know myself, I am the best mom to myself than anyone ever could be, my mom didn't abandon me, she was the adoptive caretaker until my own self mother could awaken.

What happened to you was horrific, I know how that feels, but maybe just maybe, it's time to explore that wound and grow past it.


The empowered victim of childhood trauma who knows, experiences and lives different.

What services do I offer that could help you?


Miscarriage, child loss and grief support:
We can get down to why and where the soul of your baby is. We can shift from shame, guilt and uncertainty to empowerment, new perspective and healing. Navigating guilt and consciously grieving yourself into health with tools thay nourish your soul and heal your body.

Authentic self connection: do you feel overwhelmed, lost, broken? Not living up to your potential, catering to the whims of everyone around you? Self esteem issues and self loathing? Feel forgotten in your own story? Well not any more. I speak to who you truly are, get down to the reasons you yourself came to earth. Learning to self parent and love yourself. I locate the tools you brought with you and we move up from pain to a perspective of love and truth. 

Self Love: Before we chose this life, we wrote a contract or a "roadmap' that contains info about who you chose to be, what you chose to do and who you chose to meet. We even choose our bodies! I am able to find and read your road map, which is invaluable for limitless reasons. If you would like a roadmap reading, specify at check out. Even specific questions like "why did I choose my body?' 'why did I choose my parents?" "what is coming up for me in the near future?" Keeping in mind that we all have free will and can dissolve contracts that we feel no longer serve us.

Children and parenting: The relationship between you and your child is one birthed from before you were. Find out why they chose you, how to hold space for the essence of who they are to feel supported and loved. See how it shifts your dynamic to pure, unconditional love and partnership as it was intended before society placed on you unhealthy parenting advice. Blow it all away in a way that truly serves all of you. (Personalized Parenting Advice and Energetic Assessment)

Relationships: get to the root of problems instead of wading through symptoms and hurt feelings. See the energetic exchange of your relationship. What is the give and take and what are you getting out of it if is a dynamic that doesn't serve who you are? How can I best prepare to leave? How can I make this work? Show my partner that I do love them? Let's make a plan.

Spirit baby and pregnancy support:
Knowing my daughter before I birthed her was everything. I had the birth space set up perfectly to her requests. I know what she needs before she needs it. I am so energetically in tune to her needs that she does not have to cry and I don't have to cry wondering what I'm doing wrong. I want to provide this from the beginning, the freedom of a smooth 4th trimester. Support for the soul who has chosen you.

This is just what is under the "READING" umbrella, a few examples of where I am being called to cater to the collective. If you don't see your struggle but are wanting help, just ask. I can hold your hand through anything and make a custom plan. Healing. True, authentic healing of hearts. Plans in moving forward, free.

May Trouble Find You

I don't want my children free from trouble. I want them to understand that where trouble exists, so do solutions, so does lessons, so does their strength.

I want them to know that they are the gods of their own stories and that they may walk hand in hand with their problems, because pain and trauma are finite, but their will, their passion, their strength, love and power are not.

The script is theirs. The power is theirs. To sit and ask "why have I brought this to me?" Because victim is when someone takes your power and may the heavens bless whomever tries to take theirs, because it's going to be a bad time for them. And it's not about them. They are the fly on the windshield of a bigger picture.

When one is empowered, one has taken off the blinders. We can see all, we know that being sad is okay, and we know that stepping away from the pain, that true healing is what we deserve. So we get up and move on in an authentic way.

So, no, I don't want my children free of pain, I want them equipped with a box full of tools to wade through, to hurt, to feel, to heal, to learn and to move on.

To move through a life that is for them, that spills from them and that they know without a doubt that they are the main character in. No one kills your vibe, no one takes your power, no one turns you into a victim, you are god. You are god. You are god. Everything works out for you. Not because rainbows and butterflies but because of perspective and emotional health. 


Make mistakes, get messy, know that you are supported, empowered and loved.

Readings and Healings for you!

I am offering readings and healings! In addition to living my life as an intuitive,  I have been studying with some of the best psychics and energy workers that this realm has to offer and I am ready to extend my services to you! READINGS

How readings work:

I am only offering email readings at this time. Energy knows no boundaries, I can connect in anywhere to anything that wants to be available and present for a reading. (Spirits have schedules too, sometimes they have nothing to say at the time.)

I connect into the Divine stream of consciousness, I connect in with messages and intentions that are for the greatest good of all involved.

All readings and outcomes are subject to free will.


payments exchanged via Paypal 

30 minutes for $100.00 (1 to 3 questions) Up to two paragraphs of information regarding your inquiry and actionable items you can take with you to further your knowledge/healing/research.

All readings are spirit led, so don't stress about whether your questions are within the boundaries, I will be mindful of that and you are free to focus on your questions :)

*Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters, to be discussed via email

Please allow up to 48 hours for response.




How healings work:

I offer this service via Skype or email.

I energetically scan your body, including the chakras, I communicate with your body and remove blockages. I communicate with your guides and offer a divine melody healing and messages from your greatest supporters (your spiritual support team)


all payments exchanged via Paypal

30 minutes: $125.00

1 hour: $212.00

Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters to be discussed via email

*I am not a doctor and all emergencies need to be directed to your physician*


Energetic Cord Cutting

Are you feeling drained by a past relationship? That is because we created energetic cords and exchanges with everyone we meet. Sometimes these relationships turn toxic, but the energetic cord still remains after the person is physically gone from you. Whether it is an old love, twin flame, family member, I can cut the toxic cord between you and this person, leaving the good. Your energy and your power is all yours and shouldn't be drained through toxic cords and relationships that no longer serve you. This can be done over skype or email


all payments exchanged via Paypal

$35 dollars per cord cutting



Guided Meditation

Imagine being able to meet your baby before they born? I can help you do that in my guided meditation  via skype.

Be empowered to trust your psychic sight through deep meditation. I will guide you in meditation to meet your spirit baby, I will teach you how to do this meditation at home or any time, I will mentor you through and teach you all the steps to access communication with your baby at any time.



all payments exchanged via Paypal

1.5 hours of your undivided time for $340

Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters to be discussed via email

I am working on putting together a workshop/group skype session, the price will be lowered to $100, please email me if you are interested!




Once we discuss what option would be perfect for you, I will send you an invoice via Paypal.

I look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey and unfoldment!


Please direct any and all questions and inquiries to




This week I have had several friends contact me about being in old head spaces and falling into old patterns. This can be really discouraging, to think that you have come so far and feel so fragile. But let me tell you, you are strong and this doesn't mean you are any less far along or any less of a warrior. Going through something traumatic, no matter what it is, is like having a part of yourself stuck in that moment forever, or at least until healing happens. Long after the event is over, know and unknown triggers occur, placing you in that exact moment over and over and over again. Every part of your brain and body believes it is back in that moment goes back into survival mode. This was my life for a long time, the triggers got so bad, the panic attacks took over my life. I didn't leave my house and if I did, it was hell.

It's hard to imagine myself as that person again, it's been a long journey. I stand before you completely trigger free, no longer trapped in those moments. I took my power back from the people/places/things who stole it from me.



I found key to overcoming a panic attack is to let myself know I was NOT back there by affirming "This is a new day, one I have never lived before. I am a new person. I will never be back in that space again." Over and over and over with every breathe.

Another important thing to do is cut the energetic cord that attaches you to that moment. This can be done a number of ways, but I use visualization. Imagine a cord from my body to the event. I separate the cord into two. One is everything that continues to serve me. The other is everything that drains and harms me. I imagine a great sword severing the second cord and sealing off the end. This can also be done with people and relationships. It is important to always send whatever it is on the other side of the severed cord love and light, so they no longer feel a need to reattach. After this process I say out loud "And so it is." it's pretty simple, it works and it's changed my life.

I am a powerful force, I am not a victim, I am strong. And so are you.


Love to you.