Spirit Baby Communication

I've written about this before, but it's on my mind to do it again and there is not very many resources, even online that talk about it . Prebirth communication, Spirit Babies, what is this?! Let's start with the basics. Everything is energy, when we go beyond our five senses we can communicate with this energy and learn how it works. There are real places spirits go after death. To learn more about that, I recommend the book Journey After Life by Cyndi Dale. There is a place called the spirit baby realm. From what I have experienced, It is were spirits go that are waiting to manifest earthside, they have done the work they need to do or are working on it, they have chosen their families, their path and their stories. Because it really is the choice of the soul. Anyone can learn how to tap into this realm and the ones that do are called spirit baby communicators.

In between the time the soul has chosen you and the time they manifest in their earthside body for this incarnation, they are available to you, to talk to, to engage in prebirth communication. This is incredible and beneficial for a lot of reasons. Imagine not only knowing about your baby, but knowing about preferences and wishes they will have for their soul growth, needs they have as they come earthside, access to the infinite wisdom that is available to an unbound soul.  And they are very talkative, they love talking about and to their parents and it's a joy to listen. They are enthusiastic and wise, these are the souls of our children. They are not blank slates, they are souls with bodies, missions and life paths, interests and things they will do in this lifetime. They chose YOU to help be their guides, not their dictators. Their support system, their cheer team.

Children choose their parents and families for many reasons, souls travel in groups.  Who you are drawn to in this life are the ones you have spent lifetimes with before.  Soul recognition, soul contracts, soul GROWTH. This is the reason we all chose to come here Soul Growth.

And some spirits come in simply because there is an opportunity. There ARE instances of souls not having the best intentions and just wanting to find a way earthside, but we will focus on the lovely majority.

While a soul is in the spirit baby realm, they still have a very clear picture of their life path and why they are choosing it. We don't necessarily always remember as we pass through the portal, the birth canal, but our highest self is always with us, remembering,  calling us to what have forgotten.


My personal experience with spirit baby communication with my own little own has been quite a journey. For beginnings please read here.

After I miscarried, I spiraled into a deep, confusing, fog. "I knew her. I knew she was coming." I thought.  I could not connect with her, things had gone silent. I was mourning, grieving.  I asked my mentor Reese to connect with her and got such a beautiful, reassuring message.

While she was able to be in her vessel, she could feel human emotion, (which is foreign in the spirit realms) things became clearer. She realized that she was being selfish, timing wasn't right, Escher wasn't ready. So she simply made a different decision.  She had healing to do, but she would be back. (She went with the Goddess Dana, who held and helped her)

Knowing this changed everything.  It helped me not blame myself or hate my body, it deepened my belief in the empowered decisions of the soul.

But still I mourned.  How do I know she will be back? What if all of this is bullshit? I still can't hear her. I can't feel her near me.

This continued for 4 months until....she came back. I knew it was her. Her energy felt more subdued, less Kali and more Dana, I could really feel Dana.

I felt her, she was near, she is back. In these past 22.5 weeks, I have spoken to my daughter in constant. And everything I believe about energy, about spirit baby communication, about life beyond earth has been absolutely solidified and affirmed and I have seen and felt and heard and know this to be true. Life exists before and after death. We just need to learn how to tap into this river of information. Our crown chakras have been closed, we are the muggles of the wizarding world, blind to the magic happening all around us. But we CAN remember.

Not everyone believes what I do and that is their journey, we have different soul paths, we have different stories and this is mine.

For inquires and questions about spirit baby readings, please email me at thehealedmother@gmail.com



We are born of ancient birth, through ancient wisdom of our own. We are our own mothers and grandmothers and we are an extension of our spirit guides and ancient ones supporting us our entire lives.

Readings and Healings for you!

I am offering readings and healings! In addition to living my life as an intuitive,  I have been studying with some of the best psychics and energy workers that this realm has to offer and I am ready to extend my services to you! READINGS

How readings work:

I am only offering email readings at this time. Energy knows no boundaries, I can connect in anywhere to anything that wants to be available and present for a reading. (Spirits have schedules too, sometimes they have nothing to say at the time.)

I connect into the Divine stream of consciousness, I connect in with messages and intentions that are for the greatest good of all involved.

All readings and outcomes are subject to free will.


payments exchanged via Paypal 

30 minutes for $100.00 (1 to 3 questions) Up to two paragraphs of information regarding your inquiry and actionable items you can take with you to further your knowledge/healing/research.

All readings are spirit led, so don't stress about whether your questions are within the boundaries, I will be mindful of that and you are free to focus on your questions :)

*Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters, to be discussed via email

Please allow up to 48 hours for response.




How healings work:

I offer this service via Skype or email.

I energetically scan your body, including the chakras, I communicate with your body and remove blockages. I communicate with your guides and offer a divine melody healing and messages from your greatest supporters (your spiritual support team)


all payments exchanged via Paypal

30 minutes: $125.00

1 hour: $212.00

Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters to be discussed via email

*I am not a doctor and all emergencies need to be directed to your physician*


Energetic Cord Cutting

Are you feeling drained by a past relationship? That is because we created energetic cords and exchanges with everyone we meet. Sometimes these relationships turn toxic, but the energetic cord still remains after the person is physically gone from you. Whether it is an old love, twin flame, family member, I can cut the toxic cord between you and this person, leaving the good. Your energy and your power is all yours and shouldn't be drained through toxic cords and relationships that no longer serve you. This can be done over skype or email


all payments exchanged via Paypal

$35 dollars per cord cutting



Guided Meditation

Imagine being able to meet your baby before they born? I can help you do that in my guided meditation  via skype.

Be empowered to trust your psychic sight through deep meditation. I will guide you in meditation to meet your spirit baby, I will teach you how to do this meditation at home or any time, I will mentor you through and teach you all the steps to access communication with your baby at any time.



all payments exchanged via Paypal

1.5 hours of your undivided time for $340

Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters to be discussed via email

I am working on putting together a workshop/group skype session, the price will be lowered to $100, please email me if you are interested!




Once we discuss what option would be perfect for you, I will send you an invoice via Paypal.

I look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey and unfoldment!


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My body is not inappropriate, my skin suit is not obscene, I create life and the entire human existence depends on bodies and organs of women.

Meditating with my baby; She dances below intentions and crystals. Speaking love and life and hope and strength. She speaks to me like you would, I've heard her all my life. Souls with bodies, we are chosen. Life goes beyond what you see and into who you've been, what you've been through before you became the current version of you. Your fears, your judgements, is it really you or what you've been told to think. Your wonderment, your mysticism, parts of you shoved down and ignored. Imagine a life filled with the dreams you have been dreaming since before you were born. Nothing to hold you to your percieved obligations. Imagine you are free and feeling beautiful and full of life and every lovely thing. We have been that. We have been there and we can create that life again.


I visit places you have forgotten, I see things you dont remember. It's all in front of us, it's all in us, calling us to relax in it's peace. Play in it's rivers, dance in it's streams. You are already free if you forget everything you remember and remember everything you forget.



Being in the presence of children, of babies and of souls not yet earthside is a gift given to me, to all of us. Messages are hidden in the daily mundane. The colors of cars, the smells that bring us to that feeling of home, the insects we curse, they help us with our questions,  we just need to wake up and see beyond it all <3


Poppy, Our Girl.

The first time I heard anything about having another baby was when I first saw my psychic. She said there seemed to be another spirit wanting to be in our family, but that was pretty much it. In California, I called Sara Wiseman's internet radio station where she does short readings on Wednesdays. I really just called to thank her for her book Your Psychic Child because it completely saved my life with Ezekiel in ways that I could not even express. She said "Ho, boy....You have a spirit baby VERY close to you wanting to manifest."

I didn't really know what that meant.  Spirit baby? So, I looked it up. Basically, in the time between when a spirit chooses you and the time they manifest, physically, you can communicate with them. I found a website called http://www.lovefrombaby.com  where a lovely woman named Kate Street who communicates directly with the spirit baby realm offered videos and information.

I instantly made an appointment with Reese (My psychic) to know more about this spirit. Reese began to laugh as she tried to keep secrets about my baby, all of a sudden she just says "She's a girl, okay? and that's very apparent.,,,all pink everything." I said, we don't really gender dress around here, she said with a smile "You will."

This girl. She will scream unless she is dressed to the nines. (good info to have while my newborn is screaming with no explanation) Organic, Lush, Pink. She even said her birth would be a C section if that meant her head would stay round. We settled on a water birth after I assured her that her brothers both had very round heads....but Miles Davis had to be playing in the background and the most luxurious blanket was waiting. She only wants the best of the best. Goddess help me.

She has expressed that she wants to be known. She wants all of you on this journey with us, she wants to be celebrated before she is physical, so here I am, introducing my sweet girl.

Some spirit babies choose only their mom, only their dad, only immediate family. They carefully choose everyone they encounter for their specific lessons and soul growth.

She talks to her brothers, she plays with her friends, she visits her dad and her aunties and anyone who will listen...she's not even here yet.  Everything is energy, on this vibration, we just see it differently, flesh and blood, but we are so much more and it's beautiful.

If you feel a spirit baby tugging at you or you wonder why your kids chose you (Because they DID!) please consider making an appointment with me.

I am here for any questions you may have. Thank you for joining me us on this journey.