What services do I offer that could help you?


Miscarriage, child loss and grief support:
We can get down to why and where the soul of your baby is. We can shift from shame, guilt and uncertainty to empowerment, new perspective and healing. Navigating guilt and consciously grieving yourself into health with tools thay nourish your soul and heal your body.

Authentic self connection: do you feel overwhelmed, lost, broken? Not living up to your potential, catering to the whims of everyone around you? Self esteem issues and self loathing? Feel forgotten in your own story? Well not any more. I speak to who you truly are, get down to the reasons you yourself came to earth. Learning to self parent and love yourself. I locate the tools you brought with you and we move up from pain to a perspective of love and truth. 

Self Love: Before we chose this life, we wrote a contract or a "roadmap' that contains info about who you chose to be, what you chose to do and who you chose to meet. We even choose our bodies! I am able to find and read your road map, which is invaluable for limitless reasons. If you would like a roadmap reading, specify at check out. Even specific questions like "why did I choose my body?' 'why did I choose my parents?" "what is coming up for me in the near future?" Keeping in mind that we all have free will and can dissolve contracts that we feel no longer serve us.

Children and parenting: The relationship between you and your child is one birthed from before you were. Find out why they chose you, how to hold space for the essence of who they are to feel supported and loved. See how it shifts your dynamic to pure, unconditional love and partnership as it was intended before society placed on you unhealthy parenting advice. Blow it all away in a way that truly serves all of you. (Personalized Parenting Advice and Energetic Assessment)

Relationships: get to the root of problems instead of wading through symptoms and hurt feelings. See the energetic exchange of your relationship. What is the give and take and what are you getting out of it if is a dynamic that doesn't serve who you are? How can I best prepare to leave? How can I make this work? Show my partner that I do love them? Let's make a plan.

Spirit baby and pregnancy support:
Knowing my daughter before I birthed her was everything. I had the birth space set up perfectly to her requests. I know what she needs before she needs it. I am so energetically in tune to her needs that she does not have to cry and I don't have to cry wondering what I'm doing wrong. I want to provide this from the beginning, the freedom of a smooth 4th trimester. Support for the soul who has chosen you.

This is just what is under the "READING" umbrella, a few examples of where I am being called to cater to the collective. If you don't see your struggle but are wanting help, just ask. I can hold your hand through anything and make a custom plan. Healing. True, authentic healing of hearts. Plans in moving forward, free.