You cannot feel guilty about which you feel powerful.

Guilt and power cannot exist within the same space.

We must learn how to make decisions from a powerful place.

Falling in love with your choices is imperative to emotional health. Even a choice that wasn't ideal, like your landlord selling the rental property you live in.

Instead of full on panicking, breathe. Realize that you need to be elsewhere, obviously,  and there is a place that is perfect for you,  you just haven't met yet. You move from fear to power and life is able to respond to you.

No one can make you feel bad for a choice you make, unless it hits on guilt you are already having.

From outfit choices, to self care, to parenting to life style, drop guilt. Choose to move forward in power.

When someone gives you shit about being on your phone in public, you already know you are a wonderful parent, in tune with your children.

When your mother in law says some shit about your cooking, you know you did your best.

Shit, when your husband leaves you. Choose to move forward knowing it's time to reevaluate the relationship with yourself. The highest priority is your own unconditional love journey, life responds.

We often times give our power to our fear, which, by nature, swallows it whole. 


So choose.


Guilt or Power.


Things you can do when you stop thinking you are a piece of shit:




Being a piece of shit is a widely held belief that is passed down and never challenged. My existence is to challenge that belief and lead people to their limitlessness. Here are a few ways your life changes when you stop thinking you are a piece of shit.

1. Taking anything personally.

When you think you are a piece of shit, you think every one else does too, so any thing someone says is seen through a negative, self conscious filter "omg, everyone is looking and laughing at me! People only pretend to like me!" Meanwhile, some person said a funny joke with nothing to do with you but they made eye contact with you cuz you're cute af.


2. You can stop reaching your hand up for help from a higher power when you are going through a hard time.

When you think you are a piece of shit, you think you aren't capable of solving your own problems. You have maybe even been conditioned to think you are a piece of shit and that you cannot mend your own broken heart. This is of course bullshit and when we realize this, we can stop wasting all of our time looking up and start looking at what is right in front of us. Healing our own problems.


3. You can stop giving from a place of lack.

When we believe we are a piece of shit, we give in order to maintain worth. We give from a place of desperation to be loved and seen because we don't believe we hold value in existence. Instead of searching for validation from that group you don't actually like or driving hours to help friends that don't invest in who you are or take the reigns on projects you don't have time for, you stop all that shit knowing you are worth a goddamn.


You are a sovereign self sustaining universe, when you stop thinking you are a piece of shit, you can rest in your own power knowing it's okay to release codependant contracts and feel safe doing so.