World Breastfeeding Week

I am your calm, I am your quiet. I m your safety and your sustenance. When the world gets too loud and feelings get too big, it is my privilege to nurse my kids back into themselves. I am honored to allow them to choose when they decide they are finished with that level of comfort.

Full term nursing both my children has meant so much to me. I am their comfort when they are anxious, I am their calm, I am their home. I feel honored they choose to confide in me when they need a safe place. I am so glad they chose me to be their mom.

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As soon as you start seeing something over and over and over, it becomes boring and uninteresting. That is my hope for breastfeeding. That it will be so normal and unnoticeable, it won't be this big huge issue. That's why sharing pictures and nursing in public is so important. Let's make it boring.

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