BECAUSE!!! WE ARE MOVING! And let me tell you, moving two kids and two dogs is not as easy as it sound...oh, it sounds difficult? Well times that by a trillion. I am thankful that it's only a temporary move, but bringing our lives nonetheless.

Life looks like this sometimes:

 phone 2345 



phone 2188

And like this other times it looks like this:

phone 2372

phone 2418

Or sometimes it looks like nothing at all because your phone shattered, then your baby brought it for a swim.

Whatever life looks life, It's filled with good friends, laundry, fun times, laundry, last minute adventures...and laundry.

At the end of the day, I may not be on top of it all, my washer might me mildewing the load from this morning, but I am always grateful that life will look like this.

phone 2440

What a wonderful world <3