Continue To Choose

We all make choices, it is important to fall in love with every choice we make, but also being mindful, that we don't just make a decision about what shapes our lives, who we surround ourselves with, once or twice in life. We have to continue to choose it. That partner, job, mom group, relationship. These are the choices that shape the world around us.

Continuing to choose with our actions, words, intention and by our other small choices that ripple into bigger picture choices.

We must be mindful, as you grow and shift, you need re-evaluate these choices, you can stop choosing and redirect your life.

It is imperative that we also let go. Dragging an old friend around because they did a lot for you during a difficult season is not serving either of you if the relationship is not life giving. Choose different, participate in your life. Look out for future you, continue to choose in all aspects of your life, this is how we all get well.