It is a widely held belief that guilt in parenting is an expectation, it is as inevitable as breathing.

But is it? I am here to challenge those beliefs, to choose different and help you shift perspective in order to authentically connect to your children.


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I am holding a workshop and not just a workshop, for the first time ever, I created a facebook group!

I want not only to bring new life to your parenting, but create community and support around you.

Price for this workshop and group is $65 per person. Truly my gift to you as the value and content of this workshop will change your life, what a wonderful mother's day gift to yourself! 

Price includes Live call happening within private group on May 4th at 4pm pst with replay posted to Facebook group. Upon payment, I will send you a link to the private facebook group and opportunity to get one on one advice about the guilt surrounding your parenting journey.


pay here and change you life, participate in your journey in an empowering, real way:

Send $65  Here to change your life.


It's never too early to join the group and get involved in the conversation!

please contact me for payment plans and scholarship opportunities.


I am so excited for this workshop and building this commuity of support, it is going to be amazing.