How Readings work:

I am offering email readings at this time. Energy knows no boundaries, I can connect in anywhere to anything that wants to be available and present for a reading. (Spirits have schedules too, sometimes they have nothing to say at the time.) Whether you want to connect to your guides, your authentic self, your spirit baby, your animals or a loved on on the other side, I am your interpreter. 

I merge with the Divine stream of consciousness, I connect in with messages and intentions that are for the greatest good of all involved.

All readings and outcomes are subject to free will.

30 minutes for $55.00 (1 to 3 questions) Up to two paragraphs of information regarding your inquiry and actionable items you can take with you to further your knowledge/healing/research.

One hour for $110.00 (select 2 readings upon checkout) up to 6 questions.

I can look into answers for specific questions or do a general connection for overall well being, feeling stuck in life, or wondering the next step in your journey.

reading is sent within 48 hours of payment.

Authentic Self Connection

*This is an email reading*

Everyone has a version of themselves that is unadulterated, without borders or barriers, untouched and untouchable. This part of us is often called our authentic selves. The person we were before everyone told us who we should be. The person guiding you in life to what empowers you, what drives and excites you. That person is always in us, whether we feel connected or not

General connection can offer:

-Create a deeper connection. Feel and see the beauty of ourselves, especially when self love doesn’t come easy on a daily basis.

– See yourself living authentically, surrounded in love and full of life.

– Eliminate boundaries that keep you stuck in life.

- Messages from the person that knows you best, YOU!

- Actionable items custom to your spiritual growth

$110 for an hour of connection

All payments exchanged via Paypal

***Talk to me about payment plans, and I am also open to barters to be discussed via email***

I look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey and unfoldment!

Please direct any and all questions and inquiries to