Energy gets stuck, from living, from not knowing or honoring boundaries, in being an empath and not knowing what is yours to carry and what is not. Blocked energy causes physical pain, causes emotional dysfunction, it is essential to clear in order to live a full life.

I energetically scan your body, including the chakras, I communicate with your body and remove blockages. This includes womb clearing. I communicate with your guides and offer a divine melody of healing and messages from your greatest supporters (your spiritual support team)   We are clearing years of emotional pain, I am so honored to support you in living life free, becoming unburied, soveriegn, authentic.

*Skype (or facebook video chat) or Email* In person Bremerton WA

30 minutes: $125.00

1 hour: $212.00

*There are levels of health, I work with the energetic body to heal physical ailments as well as emotional pain.

I am not a doctor and all emergencies need to be directed to your physician*

Energetic Cord Cutting

Are you feeling drained by a past relationship? That is because we create energetic cords and exchanges with everyone we meet. Sometimes these relationships turn toxic, but the energetic cord still remains after the person is physically gone from you. Whether it is an old love, twin flame, family member, I can cut the toxic cord between you and this person, leaving the good. Your energy and your power is all yours and shouldn't be drained through toxic cords and relationships that no longer serve you. 

$35 dollars per cord cutting

Guided Meditation

Spirit Baby:

Imagine being able to meet your baby before they are born? Imagine connecting to the version of yourself without fear, without guilt or shame. Authentically who you truly are.  I can help you do that in my guided meditation session.

Higher self:

I will guide you in communicating with the version of yourself without fear, guilt or shame, who you truly are under all the pain and truama, the dysfunction that you carry. During this session I guide you in laying it all at your feet and move forward in an authentic way.

Your children:

Is your baby experiencing colic? Is your toddler angry all the time? Your teen not speaking with you? This is a way to move past the unknown and lovingly connect to who they are. Finding answers and a better way for the greater good of all.

Be empowered to trust your psychic sight through deep meditation. I will guide you in meditation to meet your spirit baby, your authentic self, meet with the highest version of your earthside children I will teach you how to do this meditation at home or any time, I will mentor you through and teach you all the steps to access communication with your baby at any time.     *Skype or facebook video chat*

1.5 hours of your undivided time for $340


If you would like to book an in person guided meditation for a drum or full moon circle, please email me.



Personal Empowerment Sessions

When you are feeling lost, buried, suffocated, hopeless and helpless, often times it takes someone who has been there to not only sit with you in darkness, but say “It’s time to release and move on, you don’t have to sit here alone forever.”

My Personal Empowerment sessions offer:

* Love and understanding - Evaluation of your current life and what you want your future to look like -  Devising a plan of action that will work for your unique situation - Self Discovery - Celebration with you - I support you in your journey to wholeness and freedom *

 I spent a lot of my life suffering, wondering “why me?” I spent all my time giving my power away to those who abused it. I decided long ago that my power was for me and no one would make me feel any type of way. I am the captain of my ship. I live in love and have created and designed the exact life that I want to live. These sessions are about you being committed to doing the work and putting advice into action, I did the work and continue to evolve. My skills are fought for, my advice is lived, my perspective is unique.

These are designed to be continuous, monthly sessions for best results. Includes text or messaging access for the month. 

No cost 15 to 20 minute initial consultation available to ensure compatibility

$75 per session (1 hour)

All payments exchanged via checkout

***Talk to me about payment plans, and I am also open to barters to be discussed via email***

I look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey and unfoldment!

Please direct any and all questions and inquiries to