Personal Empowerment Session


Personal Empowerment Session

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When you are feeling lost, buried, suffocated, hopeless and helpless, often times it takes someone who has been there to not only sit with you in darkness, but say “It’s time to release and move on, you don’t have to sit here alone forever.”

My Personal Empowerment sessions offer:

* Love and understanding - Evaluation of your current life and what you want your future to look like -  Devising a plan of action that will work for your unique situation - Self Discovery - Celebration with you - I support you in your journey to wholeness and freedom *

 I spent a lot of my life suffering, wondering “why me?” I spent all my time giving my power away to those who abused it. I decided long ago that my power was for me and no one would make me feel any type of way. I am the captain of my ship. I live in love and have created and designed the exact life that I want to live. These sessions are about you being committed to doing the work and putting advice into action, I did the work and continue to evolve. My skills are fought for, my advice is lived, my perspective is unique.

These are designed to be continuous, monthly sessions for best results. I am offering month to month no obligation single payment or savings on a 3 month package. Includes text or messaging access for the month. 

No cost 15 to 20 minute initial consultation available to ensure compatibility

$75 per session (1 hour) Skype/Facebook vid chat or phone

or $200 for 3 months of continous support

In person: Bremerton WA